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About Us

Where We Started

In 2009, after working in the mortgage field services industry as an independent contractor himself, our founder Jonathan Wicks had seen his fair share of dishonesty and mistreatment of those working hardest for big conglomerations within the industry and decided it was time to change that narrative for the better. He set out to provide not only his clients with a great experience, but also his vendors and as a result, JD Wicks Co was born. However, Jonathan was not going to stop there and worked to acquire another similar company in the industry in 2016, now known as Zebra Field Services. Together, JD Wicks Co and Zebra Field Services successfully serviced thousands of homes across the midwest, primarily working with bank owned homes while they sat vacant and awaiting a sale.

Where We Are Today

Several years later, Jonathan decided it was time to bring on Jonna Shrontz, one of JD Wicks Co’s long-time employees, as a full ownership partner. In early 2020, JJ Real Estate Solutions was formed, becoming the parent company of both JD Wicks Co and Zebra Field Services and we are proud to say is now a majority woman-owned enterprise.

Our Services 

From property inspections to large scale rehabs, each service is completed with the same consistency and quality that has made us a leader in our field.


We are able to provide full, comprehensive and competitive bids that include a breakdown of materials and our plans to complete a repair, along with photos to support and document each item needed for every home we service.

Our Vision 

JJ Real Estate Solutions is excited about our future. We have several goals that provide the blueprint for both our present and what is to come.

Continually advance our technology to further enhance our abilities. We want to use technology as a tool to provide fast and top quality results to our clients. We are proud of our efforts to this cause thus far, and will continue promoting the usage of tools that give both our clients and our contractors an edge that enhances their lives and businesses.

Maintain our reputation as a fair and honest company. By providing and receiving fair and on time compensations, we want to maintain a team mentality with everyone that works with or for JJ Real Estate Solutions. Our company strives to remain one that brightens the lives of everyone it reaches.

Grow our services and coverage to our clients’ needs. We are working hard to provide a wide range of services and coverage areas to further grow our company. That growth will allow us to better serve our clients and their needs across the country and world.


Our Staff 

JJ Real Estate Solutions has a committed team of outstanding individuals from a variety of different backgrounds, all with extensive experience.


Together, this tight knit team gives our clients unparalleled service and results. Training is paramount at JJ Real Estate Solutions - from our office staff to our field representatives, we ensure that each person is highly capable of doing an excellent job for our clients. With this ever changing industry, 


Interested in partnering with us as a vendor?


JJ Real Estate Solutions understands the importance of treating its vendor partners right. When you partner with JJ Res, you'll be provided with incredible benefits, all while working with a high quality team.

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